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The Commune is a Trans-Denominational movement and community which follows the spiritual path of New Thought-Ageless Wisdom.  Looking to the ageless Christ, both historic and immediate, as the guide towards Growth, Developement, and Unfoldment; individually and collectively. 

Our gathering place is located at: 

10333 Northfield Rd, #142

Northfield OH 44067




  • 10:37 AM Guided Meditation​

  • 11:07 Celebration Gathering

6 Universal Spiritual Priniciples of Truth

  1. God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and omniactive,

  2. God is Absolute

  3. God is Good, therefore life is Good.

  4. Every person is an individualized expression of One Spirit.

  5. The Divine mind of God is the creative power of the Universe.

  6. The Universe is in a constant state of evolutionary expansion.

We are a new spiritual community, which only means that there are lots of opportunities for each of you to get involved with our community.

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