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A Trans-Denominational movement and community which follows the spiritual path of New Thought - Ageless Wisdom. Looking to the ageless Christ, both historic and immediate, as the guide towards Growth, Development, and Unfoldment; individually and collectively.

No longer merely attempting to live a Christ centered life, but rather growing to know The Life Centered Christ.



10333 Northfield Rd, #142

Northfield OH 44067


  • 10:37  AM Guided Meditation​

  • 11:07 Sacred Celebration Gathering


Ron Ixaac Hubbard


Ron Ixaac Hubbard is unrelenting in his passion for Life. The zeal, knowledge and power he brings to ministry belies his seeming care-free, free-spirited personality. He is a highly experienced preacher and teacher of the Gospel.  Sensing a special call on his life as a youngster, at the age of ten, Hubbard found solace in searching the Scriptures and scouring his father’s bible commentaries. On June 14, 1986, with his father, Bishop Robert L. Hubbard Sr.’s approval, the eleven year old delivered his first sermon, “Ready for the Rapture.” His amazing expository, replete with Hebrew and Greek translations, confirmed his calling and impressed the critics.


The ambition he demonstrated set the stage for his current pursuits. Hubbard is a widely sought-after speaker, teacher,  singer and producer. Invitations from around the world pour in the offices of 4 Real Ministries (4RM), a nonprofit organization he founded in 1995. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the continental USA, Japan, Africa, so many other places spreading the “Good News” through word and song.



Hubbard also oversees the multiple arms of 4RM, which includes a leadership training/mentoring program for young men (4 Real Frat); an arts enrichment program (4 Real Music and Arts Factory); and now The Commune. Hubbard has also teamed with his siblings (Robert, Jr. , Victoria) to establish 4 Real Productions and Hubb-Town Records Inc.


Having studied theology at Jarvis Christian College, and Ashland Theological Seminary, Hubbard now plans to return to complete a Master’s degree program in Education Administration. This will aid him in accomplishing his goal of establishing a faith-based, arts boarding school for at-risk youth.

He has four beautiful children, Raina, Rielle, Raja and Ronald Ixaac Hubbard II.


Ron Ixaac Hubbard is just beginning to flourish in his purpose. During the few rare moments he has to sit still, he is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to use his gifts to the Glory of God and leading people to living their best life. He is a man who lives the Vision-

Touching Heaven...Changing Earth!

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